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Before going toward digital marketing, initially, we should learn marketing.

What is marketing?

***Being a digital marketer it’s more important to know about it. The visibility or identifying something for people need or requirement, or marketing is the process of advertising or informing others by your business, products, websites, company or the effective way of delivering messages to other about your business or company is called marketing. Through marketing, a big businessman can sell more products. Marketing is very necessary for identifying your business. So through advertisement, you can market your business or using any more tactics.

If you have a business so you must market your business and you will make more costumes. Marketing is very necessary to groom your business. Marketing has become more important nowadays because there is millions of business in the market if someone is perfectly marketing their business so their business will be in the top

What is marketing in business??

The way of making much customer and to delivering the quality of your products to much people is called to be marketing in business. The question is here that how to show the quality of your products to much people? It takes not too much time for an expert marketer to convey this message to much people. As you know there are billions of people are using social media and are the sing internet so by the help of such social media apps you can easily market. As a marketer how to use social media for marketing? This will be discussed in ahead.

What can marketing do for business??

***Without marketing it’s risky to run a business. Don’t think that I have a quality product and I don’t need to marketing this concept will move your business toward lose. The effective way of marketing will make your business famous and when your business become famous then many costumers comes to your business, the result of more costumers is more money.

What is marketing like as job?

***Marketing is like as job for freelancer because the occupation of the freelancer is to expending someone business through the world or advertizing their business or their products. But it’s not like as job for a business man who is marketing their own business.

What are examples of marketing?

Suppose you have a mobile phone and suddenly it rang and you can pick it up here somebody is say about their products or suppose you are on the bazaar and you see a man who is introducing their business so question is that is they are doing a marketing job? Yes off course they are doing marketing job so these are these are example of marketing.

Process of marketing

Creating: people demands for a variety of products by establishing such quality products are called creating.

Communicating: the technical way of motivating customer means tell others about the products through an effective way or to the convincing customer about our products

Delivering: The process of transferring the products from one place to the other or to the customer

Offering: by different technique expending business or dealing with customers to buy your product this process is known as an offering. 

Exchanging: this process is same like to B2B, exchanging different products.
These are the process of marketing. As a marketer, you should follow this process.

In upcoming years people businesses will be online so through digital marketing people expend their business all over the world. There will be a competition of business in the internet so at that time, through digital marketing you will expand your business in the internet so at the time how will you market your business in the internet, so by using different tools of digital marketing your business will be visible for everyone. So make yourself ready for upcoming challenges and learn digital marketing skill to create your 
business online.

What is digital marketing?

digital marketing is the process of interaction between client and costumer. The digital way of delivering a message to the majority by using social media and other websites or through blogging is called digital marketing or the effective may of interaction with the customer is known as digital marketing. Digital marketing is the modern way of identifying products or website  10 % of the people are doing an online job by using 90% of the world economy . There are different tools where you can easily market your business because billions of people are using social media and other websites. The Internet has become a global street there are many opportunities to extend your business all over the world.


What is digital marketing and how it is work?

The easiest and simple definition of digital marketing is to optimizing websites or online business to the search engine is called digital marketing. It work by using its tools, SEO, SEM, SMM, KEYWORD RESEACHE, CONTENT GENERATION, AFFILIATE MARKETING, SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES, BACKLINKS, AND GOOGLE TOOLS. These are the best tools of digital marketing. The uses of such tools we should discuss in ahead.

Digital marketing in freelancing

Digital marketing is one of the top skills in the freelancing world because everyone can expand their business through the internet by using the digital marketing tools which I have mentioned in above. There is too much jobs are available in the freelancing websites for digital marketer. Digital marketing is very important for the optimization of a website. An expert digital marketer can earn million per month.

Digital marketing as a skill

Digital marketing is one of the top 10 skills.  Digital marketing is the successful skill, according to the fast moving of world digital marketing is too important to learn because it will become a too important skill in upcoming years as everyone want to do their business online so by using digital marketing you should expend your business all over the world. Digital marketing has many tools which I have mentioned in the above, that’s the most important tools of digital marketing.

What are the examples of digital marketing?

As I have saw in the search engine many of the people have searched on these keywords. By using technology informing others by your products is the example of digital marketing. Of optimizing your website by using social media and other digital marketing tools which I have mentioned in above are the best examples of digital marketing.

There are many digital marketing tools which are as under:
Search engine optimization SEO
Search engine marketing SMM
Social media marketing SMM
Affiliate marketing
Content generation
Back links
Keyword research
Social bookmarking sites
Article submission sites
Google toolsรจ Google webmaster tool, Google adward, Google adsen, Google analytic, Google spider

these are the digital marketing trends in 2019, being a digital  marketer its too impotant to know about these trends, our next article should be about the digital marketing tool in 2019.

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